• It's been a while. I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance a month ago (if it was even noticed, heh). My computer died and I have (for the moment) lost my files.

    You know your To Do list? I just wanted to mention that Trias' page can probably be crossed off of it - I wrote a bunch for it a while back. It's possible I missed something, so please go ahead and check stuff if you want. I don't want to cross him off your list myself.

    Ravel's page is also listed on that To Do list. I have a bunch of stuff written for it and was in the middle of finishing it up when everything died. I had also been working on stuff for fleshing out PS:T location pages. I'm not sure if I'll get any of that stuff back or not, but I figure I'd mention in case you were currently working on anything for those so we can save ourselves some time by preventing us both from working on the same thing(s).

    I'd like to start helping out here again if I can. I just wanted to say hey since it's been a long time and mention the Trias thing.

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    • Ouch, that sucks, sorry about your computer. :/ Happy you're back though, it's been slow around here without you.

      I missed your edit to the Trias page, it looks so much better now, thanks for that. Feel free to cross out things on the To Do page when you've done them. It's the wiki's list, not my personal list :P

      Hope you'll be able to salvage all your work. I myself won't have the time to do much in the next few weeks, but I'll check in regularly. Take care.

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    • Hey. I have a few things to mention/ask about:

      • On the To Do list it's mentioned certain gameplay mechanics/combat stat stuff should be explained somewhere. I was wondering if you don't think maybe there could be one page for all of those things, in a way? If there's an individual page for each there might not actually be that much to put on them - there could be a general "Combat mechanics (PS:T)" or "Combat Stats (PS:T)" page (or something like that - just an idea).
      • There's a page on here called "Torment, D&D, and the history of game mechanics" - have you seen it? (I'm not going to link it so any iffy linking business can be avoided, just in case.) I was wondering if you had an opinion on it. The information is very general (and anything applicable to Torment stuff/stats could be moved to appropriate pages) and it's also creating redlinks. Dunno.
      • You know the quotes template? The type of dash used is not technically correct for quote attributions. It's an en dash (–). Should be an em dash (—). Obviously not very important, but whatever.
      • This is also not worth mentioning, but I will anyway: on some stub pages the stub tag is placed above the infobox template. This pushes the infobox down. If it's placed below the infobox template it lines up at the top alongside the infobox without pushing it down. Do you think this is worth having the bot fix (if it can)? Probably wouldn't even be worth the trouble, honestly, but hey whatever.

      Sorry for forgetting to cross Dak'kon's Zerth Blade off the To Do list, by the way. I noticed you got to it.

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    • Hi there! Thanks for your edits, you're doing a great job.

      1. Yes, we need a page to explain combat mechanics and stats like THAC0 and AC etc, but yeah it would be great if it's all on one page. Right now it's sort of vaguely explained on the Game terminology page, but it's lost in a sea of other words and acronyms. "Combat Mechanics (PS:T)" sounds like a pretty essential page to have.
      2. I saw that history of game mechanics page, and didn't quite know what to make of it. I didn't want to delete the work of a contributor though, and some people might find the information on it useful. But I agree that info could definitely be moved to appropriate pages, and the redlinks removed for sure.
      3. Done, thanks for pointing the em dash out.
      4. The stub line really doesn't bother me, especially since the goal is for it to be ultimately removed from the page. If it really bugs you I can put the bot to work on it though.

      No prob for the To Do list thing, it took me 2 seconds, and gave me the opportunity to show I'm still around, checking the wiki every once in a while, even though I'm not editing these days :P

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    • Hey, for the page for Goncalves' Tailory, Goncalves' name is spelled wrong. I can't change page titles, so could you take care of it? (Also, concerning differences in how people use possessive "s" with names that end in "s" -- the game itself seems to prefer the method I used above, but I have no idea what the shop is called in the game.) Sorry for the trouble, and thanks.

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    • Yep, that's correct thanks for pointing it out - renamed the page. It was a typo on my part, I thought Gonclaves' name was Gonclave without an "s" :P

      Just curious: how else do people handle possessives with names ending in "s"? I thought the only way was as you said, with an apostrophe after the s.

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    • Some people add an apostrophe and then another "s" -- don't know why. I guess that's considered "okay" now, since people kinda suck at using apostrophes when it comes to "s" now, for whatever reason. (So "Goncalves's" -- bleh.) Anyway, thanks!

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    • Hey, crud. Hope you're still here -- I am wondering about something I just noticed.

      You know the weapon Celestial Fire? It can have variants - there was already a page for the axe variant so I figured I'd add pages for the other variants. I wish I'd checked all of the items before creating anything because just noticed that they all have the same image (apparently) and the same descriptions (minus one line mentioning the weapon type), but everything else is the same except the stats. So adding pages for the variants seems... pointless. Do you think maybe info on them should just be added to the Celestial Fire page? Anything linking to a variant can be redirected to that page, then, and the page can maybe have a table or something for the stats. Otherwise there will just be a bunch of pages with the same exact stuff aside from some numbers. Thoughts?

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    • Wow that's weird about the "s".. Never saw that before :S

      Yep, that sounds good for the Celestial Fire page, better to combine if enough of the info is the same. A table and redirects will do the trick.

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    • Yeah, I just looked at the Celestial Fire items in-game and it looks like the stats don't even change.

      The Club of Celestial Fire does:

      • Damage: 3-18 Crushing
      • Enchanted: +3
      • Special:
        • +2 to Armor Class
        • +10 Fire Damage
        • +10% Resistance to Crushing Attacks
      • THAC0: +2
      • Speed: 3
      • Weight: 5
      • Proficiency: Clubs

      The other variants do the same except with different damage types like piercing, crushing. There's also some variation with proficiencies as expected, and which classes can use the weapon.

      So yeah, makes total sense to combine everything.

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    • Ok that's done :)

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    • Oh, awesome. Thanks for that - sorry for making extra pages.

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    • No prob. Gotta try things out and see what works and what doesn't, right. :)

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    • Hey. On Strahan Runeshadow's page it mentions that Rodger Bumpass is credited as the voice of Strahan, but that he didn't actually do that. He's just been written in as the voice actor for both Strahan and Fhjull Forked-Tongue. I'm not sure what's right or not, but I don't remember Fhjull having a voice (can't remember). Regardless, either the note is wrong or the voice actor shouldn't be listed (right? I don't know). Sorry for the trouble.

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    • Yeah, he is listed in the credits as the voice actor for Fhjull and Strahan. (That much is correct, see this video of the credits at 1:06 :

      Fhjull does have a couple voiced lines, as you can see in this video playthrough at 4:28 :

      For Strahan, I'm absolutely 100% sure he doesn't have any voiced lines in the Mausoleum, I just checked. So unless that character appears elsewhere in the game (I don't think so, but I'm not completely sure) then the note is correct. And yeah, in that case, you're right, Roger Bumpass shouldn't be listed in the infobox for Strahan.

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