• You did some awesome work with the PlanescapeTorment-Maps. Do you plan to add the missing ones, e.g. Fortress of Regrets, soon?

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    • Hi there.

      I was planning on adding the maps for all the areas, I have them all sitting on my hard drive. Problem is, that map feature is extremely buggy (often it doesn't let me upload a map at all) and isn't supported by Wikia anymore. See Help:Wikia_Maps and the support thread where that was discovered on the Community site.

      So yeah, I've been keeping an eye on that, to see if someone comes up with an alternative. It's a shame, that maps feature was pretty awesome. If all else fails I could annotate them and add them as images, but for that, I'd need more time than I have at the moment.

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    • Hmm, how about uploading them somewhere so more folks can bring in their thoughts on it?

      Anyways, I´m interested in how you got them. Extracted them from one of the documents in the data-folder? Or did you use some special infinity engine tools?

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    • Yeah, I'll upload them as images in the near future.

      I use Infinity Explorer to extract the images (maps, icons etc) from PS:T. NearInfinity is another useful tool, it has a better search feature to actually find the files/info you want, but it's not great for extracting images.

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    • Hi Sithwist,

      Do you by chance have the perspective shots of areas like this one:


      ...wIthout the labels?

      Would be nice to get for a planescape setting tabletop game I'm running.


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