Tiefling male

A male tiefling.

Tieflings are a common race of humans with fiendish ancestry. They should not be confused with half-fiends, as their fiendish ancestry lies further up their family tree.

"The Lower Planes spits evil across the cosmos, infecting everything it touches. Sometimes it swallows people. When they come back, they come back with the Lower Planes stamped across their faces and their souls, and sometimes they come back bearing children. A child who has been touched by the Lower Planes is called a tiefling, and it's scarred from birth. Being born with a soul that's unquestionably tainted with evil will do that. The reaction a tiefling earns while growing up scars it still further. Tieflings tend to be loners, steering clear of trust and friends, living their own lives. When they do trust, they do it sparingly and only over a long period of time - and it's rare that they'll ever show it."

Physical Characteristics Edit

Tieflings most often exhibit physical aspects of their ancestry, like tails, talons, goat legs, horns... Some also suffer mental disabilities.

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Tieflings are widely distrusted.

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