"This key seems vaguely familiar somehow... as you hold it, you suddenly know its purpose. It's supposed to allow you to teleport to one of the inner chambers of the Weeping Stone Catacombs tomb -- but only if you use it in the entrance corridor; once inside the chamber, it's useless. If you could somehow get back to the entrance chamber, you might be able to use it to use the key to jump somewhere else..."

Uses Edit

There a four tomb keys hidden in the Tomb of the Nameless One. Each key acquired allows the Nameless One to be teleported to a different part of the tomb, which eventually allows him to escape.

Acquisition Edit

The keys are tucked away in various large coffins in the Tomb of the Nameless One:

  • Tomb Key 1 (X=700 Y=1050)
  • Tomb Key 2 (X=2900 Y=2350)
  • Tomb Key 3 (X=900 Y=2400)
  • Tomb Key 4 (Central tomb, after pressing the panels on the walls)
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