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The Tomb of the Nameless One is a crypt in the Drowned Nations. Only the Nameless One can enter it, leaving the companions behind.

There are a lot of items to be found here, so it is a good idea to make sure the Nameless One has a relatively empty inventory to carry everything back.

This area is full of traps and requires the Nameless One to die several times to complete. When he dies, TNO gets resurrected not at the Mortuary, but at the entrance of the Tomb.


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The central chamber is the goal to be reached in this area. To get there, the Nameless One must get all three keys in the peripheral chambers.

There are many traps in this tomb, most notably in the symbols of Torment on the floor of each chamber, which are very potent and may kill the Nameless One instantly.


To the left of the entrance near the door is a corpse (X=2550 Y=950) with the following items:

Further left is another corpse (X=1980 Y=860), which has a few items:

The large pot is empty, and is trapped.

Careful to avoid the symbol of torment on the floor, TNO can attempt to enter the central chamber (X=2050 Y=1500), but will be teleported to another chamber until all three keys are gathered.

Western chamber[]

The first time, TNO is teleported to the western chamber.

In this chamber is a corpse to the north (X=1070 Y=890)

The other corpse to the north has nothing.

To the south, past the symbol of Torment is yet another corpse (X=500 Y=1400), containing:

The large coffin in the room (X=700 Y=1050) contains the first key, Tomb Key 1. The only way out of this chamber is to step on the symbol of Torment and get TNO killed, which resurrects him at the entrance. This time when TNO attempts to enter the central chamber, he will be teleported to the eastern chamber.

Eastern chamber[]

The corpses in this chamber have nothing on them, so the only thing worth getting is the Tomb Key 2 in the big coffin (X=2900 Y=2350).

Stepping on the symbol of Torment again is the only way out, killing TNO and getting him resurrected in the entrance chamber, where attempting to enter the central chamber gets teleports him to the last chamber, the southern one.

Southern chamber[]

Again, the only thing of note in the southern chamber is the big tomb (X=900 Y=2400) that contains the Tomb Key 3.

This time, after stepping on the symbol of Torment and returning to the entrance chamber, TNO can step into the entrance chamber without being teleported.

Central chamber[]

On the walls of this room are eight large panels with inscriptions. The writings are from past incarnations of the Nameless One, and shed some light on their personalities.

One panel (X=1350 Y=1650) is particularly interesting, since it says the same thing as is tattooed on the Nameless One's back, but adds one bit that Morte didn't read the first time: "Don't trust the skull". Morte can be confronted about this once TNO leaves this tomb.

Pressing each panel in unlocks the sarcophagus at the center of the room, which contains the final key: Tomb Key 4.

Now, TNO can go through the southern passage to get teleported to the final chamber.

Final chamber[]

The large coffin in this room (X=1950 Y=3900) contains:

After taking all the items, a portal opens. Stepping into it leads back to the Drowned Nations, where TNO's party is waiting for him.

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