Description Edit

"This worn, leather-bound tome lists diagrams and charts detailing several minor wards and enchantments. There are numerous drawings of skeletons, bones, and the manner by which they may be preserved over time.
"Of particular interest is the section regarding 'guardians.' Apparently, the Dustmen animate corpses of fallen giants to serve as guardians for the Mortuary. To make them even deadlier, armoring enchantments are woven into their breastplates to help shield them from attacks.
"The book is much too complex for you to absorb all at once, but it looks as if you could refer to certain sections when the need arises."

Uses Edit

This tome can help the Nameless One deconstruct the enchantment holding the Giant Skeletons together on the Mortuary 1st Floor. (If The Nameless One has at least 16 intelligence, he can figure it out on his own and ignore this item entirely.)

Acquisition Edit

A Tome of Bone and Ash can be found:

Only one store sells Tomes of Bone and Ash:

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