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Welcome to Torment Wiki! There is a lot to be done on this Wiki, and here is the place to look if you want to help but aren't sure how.

General things to do Edit

Useful activities
Other useful special pages

Planescape: Torment Edit

Despite the game and the wiki's age, there is still a lot of missing information about Planescape: Torment.

Item pages Edit

All the items have been added, except for the Sword of Why'nn.

  • Check to see if Tome o' Cheats is available in the game without the use of mods. I don't think it is.

NPCs and Quests Edit

Location pages Edit

Many area pages are missing, incomplete, or need to be organized and formatted so they don't come across as massive walls of text or pages with only links. Some also need rewriting.

Combat information Edit

  • The Spells page needs expansion (Info about the Spell Books and Spell Memorization) and the list of spells needs to be put into a table Done
    • Add info about saving throws to the general spell page.
    • Add scroll locations to individual spell pages - In progress
    • Check if Ignus can learn Dak'kon's Zerthimon spells and if Dak'kon can learn Ignus' fire spells instead of TNO.
    • Check if Ignus can really cast Ice Knife and Cone of Cold, seems strange.

Beginner's Guide Edit

A Beginner's Guide should be created to welcome new players to Planescape: Torment, even if it is simply a portal template linking useful pages together, like:

Templates Edit

  • Make a portal template for areas
  • Redesign Monster template to fit the theme of the Wiki
  • Make a spoiler template for major character pages that have spoilers

Maps Edit

Wikia's map feature is now unsupported (sadly), replace area maps with annotated maps - Done

Useful resources Edit

NearInfinity and Infinity Explorer can be used to navigate the game files, extract icons and information from the game. It is, however, by no means required. Feel free to simply add a line to an article, or create an incomplete page. Anything helps!

Torment: Tides of Numenera Edit

Torment: Tides of Numenera may not be out yet, but there is a lot of information we do know about it. Adding some of that information will give us a head start when the game actually comes out!


A few T:ToN categories will need to be created and populated:

  • Accessories
  • Weapons
  • Shops (or equivalent - the shops category isn't listed as Shops (PS:T), so if a T:ToN category is ever created that will have to be changed)
  • Quest Items and Miscellaneous Items
  • Races and Creatures
  • Enemies
  • Quests Done: Category:Quests (T:ToN).

Later, update the pages with unreleased content as more information becomes available.

Wiki-wide things to do Edit

  • Reorganize the category system. Some of it makes no sense, and categories need differentiation with Tides of Numenera coming. Done! (mostly)
  • Categorize and add descriptions to uncategorized images.
Front page
  • Create tumblr widget template to put on home page (<rss>|charset=UTF-8|date|max=5</rss>) Done
  • No one likes to get thrown into a category page when clicking on a link on the home page. Replace links with actual article links.
Torment production

Last but not least Edit

This page! If you notice anything else that needs to be done on the wiki, add it here. Someone will eventually get to it!