The Traitor's Gate Tavern is an inn found in Outer Curst in Planescape: Torment.

Inhabitants Edit

First floor:

Second floor:

Map Edit

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Traitors gate tavern map

Items Edit

First Floor

Behind the reception desk (X=2010 Y=400)

On the cook's table (X=2900 Y=850)

Second Floor

Chest in front of stairway (X=2600 Y=1660)

In the first room

Chest in the second room (X=1770 Y=1950)

In the third room

  • 33 Copper Commons (X=2100 Y=2220)

In the storage room (X=3060 Y=2200)

Walkthrough Edit

  • Tainted Barse - hear about Jasilya 640, 470. Directs party to Marquez. When all five pieces of the key are assembled, bring them to Barse, and he will send the party on a one-way trip to the Curst Underground path to the Prison (finish everything in Curst first). If the party fails to keep Jasilya alive, he will additionally demand that the party kill Chek'ka Plute first.
He rents Resting rooms for 20 Copper commons, and sells infinite supplies of Blood Charms, Clot Charms, and Whispering Flasks. He also sells infinite amounts of Cheese, which is probably more cheese than anyone needs, least of all TNO and party. He is the only merchant in Curst to buy the jewellery that abounds in the town's containers.
There is Frosty Mint Candy in a container behind him
  • Marquez - info on Jasilya; return to him after rescuing her. Fighter trainer 280, 930. First key piece; directs to Kitla
  • Kitla 1200, 715. Mage trainer. Get Legacies for her from Crumblepunch in the #Blacksmith's Shop and Kester in the #Distillery in #Inner Curst for second key piece and the first available scroll of the highest Mage level possible, a Level 9 Abyssal Fury spell (not necessarily the best of the level 9s, tho'); Kitla directs TNO to Nabat for the next key piece
  • Nabat Thief trainer. 1300, 1160. Wants protection for the Curst Dump Caretaker, Kyse, from the Curst Thug leader, Wernet, in #Inner Curst. Directs to Dallan for next piece
  • Dallan 2200, 1015. Directs to An'izius in #Inner Curst. Gives the fourth key piece, directs to Dona Quisho for final piece
  • Dona Quisho northeast of Kitla. Directs to the demon trapped in the #Grain Silo
  • Barse's daughter Jasilya will have moved from #Inner Curst to stay at the east side of the tavern at 1015, 745 a short time after she has been rescued, the trigger being either entering the Tavern a second time after informing Marquez of her release, or simply time

There are two Bandages, a Clot Charm, and a wooden club in a container at 2000, 400. Stairs at 2600, 400 lead to the upper floor

Barrog from Celestia can be convinced that returning home is in his best interest

  • At 3050, 2200 is 75 copper, a Heart Charm, Cheese, Minosaurean Chocolate (invokes Swarm Curse), and a Frosty Mint Candy (invokes Friends).
  • The man behind the locked door at 2100, 2000 will attack if it is opened and the container behind him has only 4 copper
  • At 2120, 1720 is a container with Magic Punch Daggers. The citizens stand in front of another container with a Knife and can only be moved by killing them
  • 33 Copper 2100, 2200

Bugs Edit


  • Barrog gives the description of Celestia when asked where he is from, instead of saying Celestia, on the second and subsequent questioning
  • Agril-Shanak will tell TNO that Dona Quisho summoned him when asked who intercepted him, but will give the right answer when asked again, as if Agril is dissembling and TNO is forcing the information out of him

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