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Captain Lanchan Tybir is a potential companion in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

He is a retired soldier and sailor who isn't usually found on the right side of the law. He is a cagey jack who brandishes a silver tongue to charm his way into, and out of anything.

Recruiting Tybir Edit

Tybir is at the execution grounds in the Sagus Cliffs marketplace. His friend Ris is the one slowly getting killed for trading state secrets, and Tybir hopes to find a way to save him. After accepting his quest, he offers to join the party.

Starting stats and skills Edit

Tybir starts off with 4 Might, 5 Speed (With 1 Edge) and 6 Intellect. The maximum effort he can put into any task is 3.

The abilities Tybir starts with are:

In terms of skills, Tybir is specialized in Deception and Persuasion, and trained in Initiative and Quick Fingers. He has inabilities when it comes to Smashing, Cypher Use and Heavy Weapons.

Gallery Edit

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