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"These punch daggers seems to almost slip from your grasp as you hold it, yet at the same time, it invokes a strange sensation as you wield it, as if fate itself was changing in your favor. As a dagger-type weapon, it is massive and fearsome, with sharp serrated edges along both sides. It is bathed in a vibrant, royal purple hue. Along the hilt is carved the word: "Hii 'toh 'mi.""


Usable only by Fighters and Thieves with Fists proficiency, the Umei Kaihen's properties are:


The Umei Kaihen is a random drop by Greater Glabrezu in Undersigil, Clerk's Ward after returning from Carceri.


This item is one of many references to 80s anime in Torment: "Umei Kaihen" is a slight corruption of Unmei Kaihen, "alter fate," from the Escaflowne series. "Hii 'toh 'mi" is a reference to the protagonist Hitomi Kanzaki.