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The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon is Dak'kon's religious text. 

"This small round stone is the "Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon". The Unbroken Circle is a *zerth* religious text, containing teachings of Zerthimon, the founder of the githzerai people. The Circle is made up of a series of interlocking circles that fold out from one another, depending on which branch the reader wishes to follow in the path of teachings... it is said that some zerths spend years poring over the combinations of the plates, looking for new significance in the teachings.
Dak'kon seems to use the text as a means of focusing his spell casting abilities, for he pores over the tablet occasionally, memorizing the words."


The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon is Dak'kon's religious text. Dak'kon's speech is continually referencing the teachings of the circles of Zerthimon (i.e. "There cannot be two skies"). It is only usable by him initially.

When the Nameless One becomes a mage, he can ask Dak'kon to teach him about Zerthimon's teachings. Although a little startled at the request, Dak'kon will unlock the first circle for TNO to study ("use" it from the inventory). After studying it, TNO can return to Dak'kon to tell him what he has learned. This will grant a new spell, and unlock the next circle (See below for requirements etc.)

Zerthimon's teachings[]

The eight circles of Zerthimon tell of events in the history of the githzerai people, and include moral lessons to be learnt by the followers of Zerthimon.

First Circle of Zerthimon[]

The *illithids* were a race that had come not to *know* themselves. They had learned how to make other races not *know* themselves.

—First Circle of Zerthimon

The First Circle tells of how the githzerai came to be, and came to be enslaved. When the People came to *know* themselves, they ceased to be only thought and became flesh. This transition brought the people doubt, greed and jealousy, which divided their minds and attracted the *illithids*, tentacled creatures of chaos who preyed on the minds of the githzerai, enslaving them as a source of labor and food.

After studying the circle and with 12+ Wisdom, TNO can return to Dak'kon and tell him about the first circle: "Strength lies in knowing oneself. I learned that once someone does not *know* themselves, they are lost. They become tool for others."

  • 300 XP
  • Unlocks the Second Circle of Zerthimon

Second Circle of Zerthimon[]

*Know* that flesh cannot mark steel. *Know* that steel may mark flesh. In *knowing* this, Zerthimon became free.

—Second Circle of Zerthimon

The Second Circle introduces Zerthimon, who worked for the *illithids* in the Field of Husks. One day, he discovered the untouched corpse of a husk which awakened his curiosity. He wondered why it hadn't been devoured by the *illithids*, and discovered that it had been killed by a steel blade. He then understood that steel was stronger than flesh, a fact the *illithids* didn't think of because their tools were tools of flesh.

With 12+ Wisdom, TNO can say to Dak'kon that: "I learned that not *knowing* something can be a tool, just like flesh and steel, if upon encountering it, you attempt to *know* its nature and how it came to be."

  • 600 XP
  • The Second Cicle of Zerthimon, which teaches the Scripture of Steel spell.
  • Unlocks the Third Circle

Third Circle of Zerthimon[]

He proved himself a slave in the *illithid* eyes while his heart remained free.

—Third Circle of Zerthimon

The Third Circle tells of how Zerthimon accepted punishment for unfounded crimes by his *illithid* master, Arlathii Twice-Deceased instead of revealing his newfound *knowledge* and strength.

With 14+ Wisdom, The Nameless One can conclude with Dak'kon: "Endure. In enduring, grow strong."

  • 900 XP
  • The Third Circle of Zerthimon, which teaches the Submerge the Will spell.
  • Unlocks the Fourth Circle

Fourth Circle of Zerthimon[]

Vilquar came to *know* that when Vilquar's eye has nothing left to see, Vilquar's eye is useless.

—Fourth Circle of Zerthimon

The Fourth Circle explains how Zerthimon organized the Rising of the People against the *illithid* in secret, teaching them the way to defeat their masters, the *knowledge* of steel, of how to protect their minds and use them as weapons. But Vilquar, instead of seeing freedom, saw opportunity and betrayed his people to his master, Zhijitaris, who used Vilquar's eye to locate dissenters and devour their brains. Zerthimon figured out what Vilquar was up to and hushed the brewing rebellion, making him believe it was over. Vilquar returned to his master for his promised reward, but was only devoured himself.

With 15+ wisdom, TNO can tell Dak'kon that: "When one chooses to see only what is before them, they see only a part of the whole. They are blind. And just as Vilquar was blinded by his promised reward, so were the *illithids* blinded to the true Rising. For when they heard Vilquar's words, they turned their sight outwards again, didn't they? And the Rising was free to strike?"

  • 1500 XP
  • The Fourth Circle of Zerthimon, which teaches the Vilquar's Eye spell
  • Unlocks the Fifth Circle

Fifth Circle of Zerthimon[]

In hearing her words, he wished to *know* war. He *knew* not what afflicted him, but he *knew* he wished to join his blade to Gith. He wished to give his hate expression and share his pain with the *illithid.*

—Fifth Circle of Zerthimon

The Fifth Circle tells of Gith, a warrior-queen and one of the People. She served as a soldier for the *illithids* and *knew* the ways of war, weapons and conquest. She *knew* the *illithids*, and *knew* how to defeat them in battle. So strong was her *knowing* of herself that she inspired others to *know* themselves and follow her. Even Zerthimon laid his blade at her feet.

With 16+ wisdom, TNO can tell Dak'kon: "There is great strength in numbers, but there is great power in one, for the strength of the will of one may gather numbers to it. There is strength not only in *knowing* the self, but *knowing* how to bring it forth in others."

  • 3000 XP
  • The Fifth Circle of Zerthimon, which teaches the Power of One spell
  • Unlocks the Sixth Circle.

Sixth Circle of Zerthimon[]

From Zerthimon came the Pronouncement of Two Skies. In the wake of his words came war.

—Sixth Circle of Zerthimon

The Sixth Circle of Zerthimon tells of how after the rebellion led by Gith defeated the *illithid* masters, Gith wished to continue the war, and utterly exterminate the *illithids* at all corners of the multiverse, and then bring war to other races they encountered. Zerthimon spoke against Gith, and said that *knowing* freedom was enough, that the People should learn to *know* themselves again and mend the damage dealt to them. Both were strong voices and many followers. Thus started a civil war that continues to this day between the githzerai and the githyanki.

With 18+ wisdom, TNO can share his conclusions with Dak'kon, saying: "I know that Zerthimon's devotion to the People was such that he was willing to protect them from themselves. He knew the *illithids* had come not to *know* themselves in their obsession with control and domination. So he chose to stop Gith before she carried the People to their deaths. There must be balance in all things, or else the self will not hold."

Then Dak'kon reveals he used to *know* the Sixth Circle, but doesn't since his crises of faith. Unsettled by the use of treachery on Zerthimon's part, and the fact that he knowingly divided his people before the *illithid* were exterminated made him wonder whether the *illithid* got into his mind after all. He puts an abrupt end to the conversation by yelling at TNO that he will never know Zerthimon's mind.

  • 5000 XP
  • Two copies of the Sixth Circle of Zerthimon (one for TNO, the other for Dak'kon), which teach the Balance in All Things spell.

Seventh Circle of Zerthimon[]

There are two more circles that Dak'kon cannot unlock, so TNO has to do it himself. With 16+ Intelligence, TNO can discover how to unlock the Seventh Circle by examining the Unbroken Circle carefully. This grants 3000 XP.

All of these things and more the People built upon. In time, they came to *know* the whole.

—Seventh Circle of Zerthimon

The Seventh Circle tells of the long preparation for the Rising, and the time it took for the People to learn the scripture of steel, the meaning of freedom, the observing of their masters' movements, and the gathering of steel for weapons.

With 19+ wisdom, TNO can tell Dak'kon that there is another circle he is unaware of, and it's meaning: "It speaks of time as an ally, not as an enemy. It says that patience can sharpen even the smallest of efforts into a weapon that can strike the heart of an empire. Your victories may be small, but over time, a greater victory may be achieved."

  • 5000 XP
  • Two copies of the Seventh Circle of Zerthimon (one for TNO, one for Dak'kon), which teach the Missile of Patience spell.

Eighth Circle of Zerthimon[]

As before, the Eighth Circle can be unlocked by examining the Unbroken Circle, this time with 18+ Intelligence. This rewards 6000 XP.

A divided mind is one that does not *know* itself. When it is divided, it cleaves the body in two. When one has a single purpose, the body is strengthened. In *knowing* the self, grow strong.

—Eighth Circle of Zerthimon

The last Circle speaks of, as the Nameless One can relate to Dak'kon (requires 19+ wisdom): "focus and discipline... about how not *knowing* oneself can physically divide the man. It also speaks of the weaknesses that division causes. It seems to me that it tells one to not only *know* themselves and take strength from that, but that your focus can reveal weaknesses in your enemy."

  • 10,000 XP for both TNO and Dak'kon
  • Two copies of the Eighth Circle of Zerthimon (One for TNO, one for Dak'kon), which teaches the Zerthimon's Focus spell
  • Dak'kon is upgraded and gains: +1 Strength, +2 Dexterity and +2 Constitution


This item was given to Dak'kon by the Practical Incarnation after having saved the githzerai at Shra'kt'lor. It is revealed during the short conversation that the Practical Incarnation actually created the disc himself.