Undersigil is an area below the Clerk's Ward in Planescape: Torment. Overrun by monsters of every sort, it is an extremely hostile place.

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Undersigil map

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Undersigil is a little break from all the dialogue for combat addicts, the first time through, with a light sprinkling of loot, and after The Nameless One one and party have travelled through the Outer Planes and returned (pretty near the end of the game, so this is about gaining power for the sake of power), it becomes a whole different place.

Welcome to MMO-style super-equipment with abysmally low drop rates as loot from big monsters that themselves have low spawn rates. Not the worst ever by a long shot, mind you, but low. On average, a little more than 1 out of every 20 trips to Undersigil will result in the spawning of a Greater Glabrezu with one of these coveted items: the Aegis of Torment ring, Bell's Shield bracelet, Ring Zero, Umei Kaihen punch dagger, or Heaven and Earth club,


Glabrezu in the bestiary

Let us break that down. 1/3 chance that either 1 or 2 or Greater Glabrezu will spawn (a little over 25% chance of 1, 5% chance of 2, .5% of 3), with a roughly 15% chance that any of those those Glabrezu will drop one of the items (less than 5% for Aegis, less than 4% each for Bell's and Zero, less than 2% for Umei and less than 1.5% for Heaven)[1]

Items Edit

Initial loot list:

Citations Edit

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