Vaxis is a member of the Anarchist faction, on a mission spy on the Dustmen in the Mortuary. To this effect, he has disguised himself as a zombie, stitching his own mouth shut and dousing himself with embalming fluid.

Quests Edit

Embalming Room Key Edit

In return for information about how to escape the Mortuary, Vaxis asks for a favor. He needs the Embalming Room Key from Ei-Vene.


  • 250 XP for getting the Key from Ei-Vene.
  • 250 XP more for giving the key to Vaxis.
  • 250 XP more for asking Vaxis where to get a Crooked Finger Bone to activate the portal.
    • Instead, a Bone Charm – which has the same shape as a "crooked finger" – is needed and can be found on the 3rd floor.

Alternatives Edit

TNO can also pretend to be another Anarchist, saying he was looking for Vaxis and that he's here to take his place. He will turn over his items and information, and tell TNO all about the portal and the finger bone.


If TNO has 11 Charisma, he can also simply threaten Vaxis with exposing him to the Dustmen.

Zombie Disguise Edit

Vaxis can disguise The Nameless One as a zombie if he is given:

While disguised, TNO cannot run or talk to NPCs, or else he will be revealed.


  • 500 XP for disguising TNO for the first time.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Scaring Vaxis into revealing his escape route by threatening him instead of giving him the key (requires 12+ strength).
  • Evil: threatening to kill Vaxis unless he reveals what he's doing in the Mortuary (requires 12+ strength).
  • Evil: Vowing not to expose him, then revealing him to Dhall or Soego.
  • Lawful: Vowing not to expose him and keeping the vow (?).
  • Chaotic: lying to Vaxis about having a message for him.
  • Chaotic: lying to Vaxis by claiming the Nameless One was looking for him (requires 12+ intelligence).
  • Lawful, Good: telling Vaxis the truth about waking up on a slab.
  • Lawful, Good: telling Morte you won't lie to Vaxis after Morte suggests you should.
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