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This suit of Mercykiller armor apparently has been standing here in the prison under Curst for some years. It has not been disturbed, which is strange, considering how very quick the people of Curst are to seek a profit.

Vhailor is a restless spirit, and potential companion to The Nameless One. He is voiced by Keith David.

Near the very end of the game, Vhailor may be the nemesis called to battle against The Nameless One in the Fortress of Regrets if the player's choices have been mostly evil throughout the game.


Vhailor was, in life, a Mercykiller, dedicated to bringing uncompromising Justice to all those who had done wrong in their lives and revered by his comrade-in-arms for his unending zeal. He was presumed dead by the faction after chasing a criminal through a portal from which he never returned.

The portal had led him to a forgotten cell in the prison beneath Curst (border town to Carceri and home of traitors), where the criminal he sought had offered to surrender himself. It was a trap; the criminal's betrayal, enhanced by the betrayals of all in the town above, powered Vhailor's prison and sealed him away.

A fanatical Mercykiller who is lawful neutral, Vhailor's drive for Justice is so strong that it enabled his soul to remain long after he had died and his corpse rotted completely away. He now inhabits his suit of armor and does not appear to recognize that he has died. He simply doesn't think about it - and why should he, when there are so many criminals in the Multiverse to bring to justice?

Vhailor merely stood, and waited. The passage of time lost all meaning, the basic needs of the flesh were silent. When his body withered, died and turned to dust inside his armor he did not notice. Vhailor became what he had always held himself to be: an incarnation of Justice.

When he was alive, he tried to track down and bring to justice one of The Nameless One's incarnations. This incarnation, the Practical Incarnation (see above), sealed Vhailor in a magical prison in the gate town of Curst. Vhailor does not connect The Nameless One (TNO). If TNO asks the Pillar of Skulls about himself, Vhailor will realize that TNO is the killer that Vhailor has been tracking, and he will go hostile. Other conversations allow TNO to convince Vhailor to depart this realm and truly "die."


While Vhailor's Mercykiller beliefs are the same as any other, he believes in Justice itself as a form of Power. When he speaks of Justice, he is not referring to a concept but an all powerful being. One that, he claims, will grant him the power needed to right any injustice.

Recruiting Vhailor[]

Vhailor concept art

Concept art for Vhailor

Vhailor is found relatively late in the game in a magically sealed prison cell located under Curst, in Curst Prison. Like all of the Companions except Annah and Fall-from-Grace (and Ignus, if one counts trying to speak to him and not being able to), he can immediately join the party after conversing with him for the first time.

Once the portal to Ravel's Maze is entered, there will not be an opportunity to return until after coming to Curst Prison, where Vhailor can be found. If the party is full with six companions, then he can be recruited for the XP, but either he or another Companion will be lost forever in Curst Prison, as there is no coming back. Players should leave Sigil for Ravel's Maze with four or fewer companions.

The Nameless One tells Vhailor that he seeks Justice too, to recruit Vhailor, which gains 90,000 XP.

  • When they first meet, if The Nameless One (TNO) has Wis 18 or more, he will remember Vhailor's name, which leads to a memory and 60,000 XP.
  • Along the way to recruitment, TNO must ask him to awaken
  • TNO can ask Vhailor who he is and what he is:
    • Alignment shift: Law and Evil: "mercy is weak"
    • Alignment shift: Chaos: "Lie"
    • Alignment shift: Good: "Truth: I disagree"
      • TNO can talk Vhailor into killing himself, with Charisma 21 (Friends spell) and Int 16: "...Should *you* be punished?" > "...if you had ever let a criminal escape..." > "...while you were imprisoned beneath Curst..." > "...Which is it, Vhailor?". With Chr 21, convince Vhailor that more of the criminals who have lived have died than are still living. You have to admire his steadfastness, but Vhailor's knowledge of the Planes and afterlife must be a little faulty, as it is extremely doubtful that he would end up in the same Plane as all the criminals he means to pursue and punish, when he kills himself...and the party gets 90,000 XP
      • Convincing Vhailor of the lack of meaning in Law itself also causes him to kill himself
  • Ask how Vhailor serves Justice, ask about the Strength of justice; he speaks about his Special ability Judging Vision. Ask what he sees when he judges another, and ask him to look at The Nameless One to recover a memory, and get the party 90,000 XP
    • Vhailor asks TNO if he has ever killed
      • Alignment: Shift to Chaos: TNO can "Lie" repeatedly
      • Alignment: Shift to Law: Tell the "Truth", then tell Vhailor that TNO has already been punished
    • Alignment: Shift to Law and Good: "Truth" TNO tells Vhailor that he seeks justice too
    • Alignment: Shift to Chaos: "Lie" TNO tells Vhailor that he seeks justice too
    • Vhailor joins up. The party gets 90,000 XP

After Vhailor joins up comes the biggest payoff for being Lawful. +2 Con from two x Tear of Salieru-Dei is nice, but +3 Str is even better.

As Fighter class, TNO asks Vhailor to teach him the Axe. Vhailor asks how strong TNO's will is, and TNO asks him to tell what he sees in TNO.

The alignment shifts to Law and to Chaos are kept track of by the computer, although they cannot be seen by the player. So if anyone knows how many exactly are given for each of the Alignment shifts, they have not made it known.

  • Bugged: Never applies: For Law points less than 15 (set to 15-23 in Qwinn's Fixpack), Vhailor gives a permanent Str bonus of +1, a bonus of +1 to Damage, and 90,000 XP
  • For Law points from 15-24 (set to 24-34 in Qwinn's Fixpack), Vhailor gives a permanent Str bonus of +2, a bonus of +2 to Damage, and 120,000 XP
  • For Law points 25 or better (set to 35 or better in Qwinn's Fixpack), Vhailor gives a permanent Str bonus of +3, a bonus of +3 to Damage, and 150,000 XP

There is no corresponding bonus in the game for being Chaotic. Getting Adahn to appear is arguably more cool, in terms of story content, but the items he gives are no better than can be acquired in the Hive.

Vhailor's favored weapon is his executioner's axe, "Final Judgement". Like all the Companions' default weapons, it cannot be removed from Vhailor, and furthermore, like Dak'kon's blade, it cannot be replaced with another. The reason given is that it is a cursed weapon, but the curse is proof against a "Remove Curse" spell cast on him. This is obviously just a practical game mechanic, in a similar manner to TNO retaining his default fist attack, Annah not parting with her default punch daggers, or Morte his default Teeth; new weapons given to them simply override the default.


Vhailor concept art color

Color concept art for Vhailor

"This double-bladed battle axe is reminiscent of an executioner's axe; the axe head has been forged into the likeness of a blood-red serpent with its wings outspread, the outstretched wings curling to become the edges of the axe. The axe is *huge;* even wielded two-handed, it would require tremendous strength to use it effectively. Yet it rests in the disembodied gauntlet of the armor, almost casually."
"The armor is archaic and the shoulder blades are just that - a great ridge of blades sprouting from the shoulder plates. You almost would have taken the ridged blades as decoration, but they look too heavy and dangerous to be anything more than an additional weapon on an already menacing suit of armor. The armor bears dents and other marks of battle, and its surface has been scarred by age and rust."
"The helm resembles the skull of some creature; curved metal teeth lined the bottom edge of the faceplate, hanging down over empty space. The helm rests in the air, its interior hidden in shadow. As you stare upon the suit of armor the shadows beneath the visor took shape... coalescing into the features of a powerful, ebony-skinned man. His eyes are like fires and he bears numerous scars... was this 'Vhailor,' when he wore flesh? He seems hauntingly familiar... both as a suit of armor AND as a flesh and blood human. There is a flare of brilliant red light from beneath the helm, lancing out to almost blinding; you shield your eyes from the glare - when you uncover them, you see two embers burning from within the shadows of the helm."
"I have *AWAKENED*."[2]


Initial 100/100 2 12 18/51 13 18 10 10 10


Main article: Vhailor/Conversation

Vhailor, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics with the Nameless One.

There is experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, although Vhailor doesn't have a morale rating, unlike some companions.

Animation and voice files[]

Main article: Vhailor/Banter

In addition to unique fighting moves, each character has their own running animation, 'breathing' animation, and intermittent 'fidget' animation.

  • 'Fidget' animation: Vhailor stretches

All characters have at least one 'selection' response, and at least one 'command confirmation' response. Most have a 'miss' comment, and a 'critical hit' comment. They have an appeal when they are at very low HP, less than 15%, and when they die. And they all have a 'level up' comment.

After a period of no activity by the player with mouse or keyboard, characters will randomly speak 'bored' pronouncements. They will occasionally speak dialogue expressing their mood or sentiments, particularly in relation to other companions, or a particular location. And they will engage in conversations with certain of their fellow party members.[3]


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