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Vrischika in her Curiosity Shop. From left to right, Fall from Grace, Annah, Morte, Dak'kon, and the Nameless One.

Vrischika the Importer, (also rarely referred to as Vris but never in front of her), is an alu-fiend importer. She is a merchant, the proprietress of the Curiosity Shop in the Clerk's Ward. The shop can be accessed halfway through the game, after meeting Pharod and helping the alleyway divide.

She is a sharp-featured woman, whose appearance is attractive and yet disturbing; she has blue-black skin and bright yellow eyes. She has a small pair of bat-like wings which unfold from her back, but they settle neatly into her skin.


Vrischika is an alu-fiend, a half demon, her mother was a tanar'ri fiend and her father was a great king of mortals. Vrischika has done much traveling across the planes, trading with their peoples in order to fill her emporium. In her travels she has picked up a large variety of objects, such as weapons, charms and certain specialty items which are rare and exquisite.

At some point someone sold her a slave named Standish who is now her servant and is forced to do her bidding in the Curiosity Shop at all times. He committed a crime and was sentenced to slavery when she bought him from the Lower Ward. She refers to him as a "lazy dullard" and is generally unappreciative of his help.

Vrischika has met Fall-from-Grace before, knowing a lot about her history, she thinks very little of her and insults her openly. She has also met Morte before and seems to know that he enjoys making out of place comments and that he tells you lies. She has met you before and a previous incarnation of yourself has trafficked companions to her. She pretends to have only heard of you however, saying that she has been told that you ask too many questions to people.

Selling Characters to Vrischika[]

"I can't believe this... you've sunk pretty low before, chief, but this just takes the cake. I'll see *you* in Baator, you banged-up, short-stemmed, back-stabbing, ungrateful, pock-marked, dung-biting, greasy-haired, snaggle-toothed sorry piece of amnesiatic garbage! Mark my words, you piking sod, keep on this way and you'll be dead for *good* soon enough... and oh how you'll get yours, then!" - Morte

It is possible to sell Morte, Dak'kon, or Nordom into slavery to her (Annah and Fall from Grace can be offered but neither can be successfully sold) . They will all thoroughly disagree with your decision of course and it will result in a change of your alignment towards evil. She will pay 5000 copper commons for any one slave. She will tell the sold character to wait in her home in the Lady's Ward, where she keeps most of her other slaves, of which she has many in her manor.


  • "Well, well... a floating, disembodied, prevaricating skull..."
  • "Fall-from-Grace... or whatever it is you call yourself, now. Truly a pleasure to see you here."
  • "Occam's razor can leave a scar, but it can remove the cancer so often caused by the poison of liars and imaginers."
  • "Standish! Break that and I'll be selling your tanned hide!"
  • "Careful with that, Standish, or I'll beat you senseless!"
  • "Interested? It's the real thing, of course. Thousands of mewling, mortal babies went into the making of the stuff."


During the Nine Students quest in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts, she will raise the price of Deva's Tears after the Nameless One gives Ecco the Fiend's Tongue, so it may be advisable to buy both of them beforehand.

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