The Warrens of Thought are an extension of the Weeping Stone Catacombs, taken over by Cranium Rats and Wererats. This collective is ruled by Many-as-One, who is perpetually at war with the Dead Nations.

It is necessary to complete this area or the Dead Nations to access the Drowned Nations. If the Nameless One has completed the Dead Nations to get to the Drowned Nations, this area is completely optional. The reverse is not true.

Upon entering the area, the party is confronted by Mantuok. He can be convinced to take the party to his leader, Many-as-One. Otherwise he either captures the party, imprisoning them (see how to escape below), or attacks them.

Map Edit

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Warrens of thought map

Inhabitants Edit

There are a few notable characters in the area:

This area is populated by a few rat-type creatures:

Note: Killing cranium rats in this area will anger Many-as-One, and should be avoided for the best rewards to his quest. If a deal is made with Many-as-One, the rats in the area will no longer be hostile.

Experience Edit

There are a few ways to get experience in the area. For more detailed information about conversations, quests, and alignment, please see each individual character page.

  • 3,750 XP for convincing the guards to let TNO go. (Annah must not be in the party. Escaping makes all other rats in the area hostile.)
  • 7,500 XP for telling Many-as-One about the Silent King.
  • 2,000 to 4,000 XP for recalling a memory after completing Many-as-One's quest.

Escaping imprisonment Edit

If the party was imprisoned, there are several ways to escape:

  • With Annah in the party, one of the guards will kill the other and let the party out (no XP granted).
  • If Annah is not in the party (or she is sufficiently far from the door), the Nameless One can convince the guards to free him (3,750 XP regardless of method used):
    • With 13+ strength, he can threaten the guards (strength can be temporarily increased with the strength spell).
    • With 13+ charisma, he can convince them that no one will know that they set him free (charisma can be increased temporarily via the Friends spell).
    • With 13+ intelligence, he can ask the guards to "think about it."
    • They can be bribed for 100 copper.

After letting the party out, the guards will become hostile, regardless. (This is fixed in Qwinn's Fixpack.)

Exploit: If the party wasn't captured and Annah is in the party, the guards will behave as though the party was captured when they approach. After one guard kills the other over Annah, he opens the door. This is the only way to access the items in the cell.

Items Edit

There are several items in this area; most can be found in in containers or on corpses:

(X=630 Y=940)

  • 27 Copper Commons

(X=1465 Y=500)

(X=2535 Y=580)

(X=2550 Y=1270)

  • 14 Copper Commons

(X=2500 Y=1380)

(X=3030 Y=2460)

(X=4370 Y=2280)

(X=2025 Y=2210)

  • 47 Copper Commons

(X=4100 Y=2320)

(X=4200 Y=2250)

(X=4585 Y=2030)

(X=4660 Y=1990)

(X=2085 Y=325)

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