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Wisdom, abbreviated as Wis, is a character attribute in Planescape: Torment.

Effects Edit

Possibly the single most important stat in the game, wisdom gives The Nameless One more dialogue options, and gives any character a bonus to experience, making them level up much faster. It also helps The Nameless One regain memories from his past lives, and thus aids storytelling.

Experience Bonus Edit

For each point of Wisdom above 12, a 2.5% bonus to experience is gained. This is at cumulative, whether or not it is rounded up or down. At 25 wisdom, 5% more bonus experience is gained over 24.

Wisdom Value Bonus to Experience
12 and lower No Bonus
13 2.5%
14 5%
15 8%
16 10%
17 13%
18 15%
19 18%
20 20%
21 23%
22 25%
23 27%
24 30%
25 35%

High Wisdom also gives a +1 Luck bonus at 15, 18, and 25

Permanent Gains Edit

Aside from increasing Wisdom with character points acquired at level up, The Nameless One has some opportunities throughout the game to increase his wisdom permanently:

That makes the maximum permanent gain to wisdom possible +10, +9 without specializations, and +7 without the Ancient Scroll.

Equipment Bonuses Edit

Some tattoos grant a bonus to wisdom while equipped:

Some accessories also grant a bonus to wisdom while equipped:

Some weapons too:

Equipment Penalties Edit

Some items reduce wisdom:

Temporary Buffs Edit

Some items temporarily boost wisdom:

And there are items that temporarily -lower- Wisdom, should that be necessary:

References Edit

  1. Speedrun by Mark 'ExplodingCabbage' Amery that uses all four Kassegs to boost Wisdom to 25 to get one of the dialogues that leads to the optimal ending.