Xachariah the blind archer used to be one of The Nameless One's companions. After his death, he was raised as a zombie (Zombie Worker #331) by the Dustmen, and now works mindlessly on the ground floor of the Mortuary.

Conversation Edit

After learning the Stories-Bones-Tell ability in the Dead Nations, the Nameless One (TNO) can speak with him in the Mortuary, but his spirit cannot be fully reached until TNO speaks with Dak'kon about the quartet of companions and discovers Xachariah's name.

The blind archer's spirit describes the other three in a candid fashion, appropriate to one that TNO's recovered memories have as: "in blindness, he had gained a secondsight that allowed him to see things hidden to others". While his insights may be accurate and honest, they are not deep; Xachariah is by his manner, no reflective philosopher, but a brash warrior.

This irreverance elicits no apparent reaction from the subjects of his remniniscing if they are present. TNO's prior incarnation is described as ruthless. There being no evidence to the contrary, and a good deal of evidence in agreement, TNO characteristically declines comment. Morte is described as a smart mouth. Dak'kon, says Xachariah, he did not trust. Deionarra he describes as a slumming daughter of a politician whose love for TNO caused her to ignore the others, despite her ambition to be a soldier.

Items Edit

As with another Zombie Worker in the Mortuary, Xachariah was given a stash of items that might prove useful to TNO inside his body.

  • Xachariah's Liver has only aesthetic use, but
  • Xachariah's Heart grants +1 dexterity and upgrades Armor Class vs. Missiles by 1 also. It can be used by any character. The obvious choice outside of TNO himself might seem to be Annah, but she increases in her thief skills very fast; dex bonuses for her could be overkill. Nordom is a better choice, since he gains not only an AC bonus but an attack bonus as well.
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