Zerthimon's Focus is a 3rd Level Mage Spell that increases it's recipient's chances for a critical attack.

"*Know* that through this spell, the focus and discipline of Zerthimon will be granted to you, and your blade shall strike true."

Effects Edit

This enchantment helps the target remember Zerthimon's teachings on the ways to channel one's mental and physical focus during battle. When cast, the recipient's chances for a Critical Attack are raised for 5 seconds per level of the caster.

The increase in critical chance is +15% (same as e.g. the Optix Lens). As characters have a base critical chance of 5% (rolling 20 on their attack roll), this spell would bring it to 20% (rolling 17-20 on their attack roll), effectively quadrupling the chance for a critical hit.

This spell can be cast on allies. It is especially useful as a buffing spell for physical-based characters like Nordom and Vhailor.

Acquisition Edit

Zerthimon's Focus is gained by completing the Eighth Circle of Zerthimon, which requires high intelligence and wisdom scores.

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